Sunday, May 16, 2010

Coming Soon....

A post? Maybe? Surely. I just had to wait until finals were over. And then, I just needed a few days of nothingness. No stress. Nothing that needed to be done, or written, or studied for, or planned out, or arranged. Just, nothing. And I can't even remember a time when I've enjoyed nothingness so much as I am now. Just today for instance, I went to yoga, came home, took a nap, went to a wake and then took another nap. And never once did I feel guilty about not studying, or not reading, or not trying to get ahead. Nope, not once. 

Not only that, but I still have 2 more weeks of nothingness to enjoy! 

I'm also hoping that somewhere in the next two weeks of nothingness I can get a few blogs written and saved so that I can just post them through my 9 weeks of Anatomy and Physiology. Topics to include, How to Survive Bikram Yoga (because I have searched and there is nothing that I can find about how to survive it and I know there must be other people like me who want to know and so I will be the first to have a collective space about it, why you need to do it and most importantly, how to survive it), A recipe on rich delicious chocolate cheesecake (complete with a cookie crust), Painting a room red (my ex was suppose to help with this, but I guess breaking my heart was an easier option and so now it is a solo project), how my flower garden is coming along, and then whatever else I can possibly think of to write. 

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Annah said...

The post never came :(