Tuesday, January 19, 2010

It's snowing today. It snowed yesterday too. I would have thought yesterday would have been more than enough snow, but I guess the atmosphere had other plans. Gotta love New England. Well, somebody does, not me.

(I'm proud of that picture, I think I did pretty good)

But here it is snowing again today.. and it looks like tomorrow it's suppose to snow some more.

I tried getting in my car (rental, mine is still being fixed) this morning to drive to work and I freaked out. Full fledged panic attack. Again. Needless to say I'm sitting in my living room now, listening to John Mayer playing in the background, looking at the snow falling outside safely inside. I can't wait for this all to end and be over. I do have to work tonight for a couple hours though and it doesn't look like the snow it suppose to let up. I'm fortunate enough though that my parents are going to drive the 45 mins. to pick me up and take me to work. For 2 hours. They are that awesome. And I am once again humbled by their goodness. I'll be staying there overnight so they can bring me to work tomorrow since it's suppose to snow once again. Their goodness doesn't come without conditions though. Sleeping over was one of them. The second? I need to get in my car and attempt to drive to the end of the street. I at least need to make it to the end of the driveway and if that's all I can do, that's okay, I can put it in reverse and come back. But, I need to do at least do that. Good thing I have beer in the fridge, I might be needing it.

So with an almost full day off, I'm planning on trying to get caught up on blogging, I have a few that are awaiting being put into words and I have some school stuff I need to get in order before classes start on the 26th. That's next Tuesday. Sigh. And I have a Tres Leches cake that is setting.

At the moment though, Super Mario on my DS is calling, no screaming, my name.

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