Sunday, January 31, 2010

My apologies for being so absent. I decided to finally finish the last 18 credits I need to get my B.A. and it's taking up massive amounts of time. Okay, it's really taking up all my time. I have 9 credits this semester, hopefully a couple this summer and then the rest in the fall. And then I'm done.

On top of school I've been job hunting non-stop as well. I won't go into my work related issues here, I could write what would amount to a 30 page post about it, but then again, can't we all? None the less though, it's time to find a new job and while I apply to about 10 jobs a week, there are also 1,000 other people applying to those 10 jobs a week and so it makes it difficult. Thankfully I at least have a job, for now, while I pursue a new one, but it really can't come quick enough. And that also takes up all of my time.

In between school and job hunting, I've had to find time to deal with my car situation. I should finally have it back the middle of this week. My rental runs out today actually, but my parents are going to cover tomorrow since there's no way they'd be able to drive me back and forth tomorrow, but I'll be returning it tomorrow evening and they will be shuttling me around the next couple days. Luckily I have the most amazing parents in the entire world and their kindness always humbles me. I look forward though to getting to spend some time with them and watching their 46 inch LCD HDMI tv a little bit too. Even if I have to watch sports with my dad.

I do have random things to blog about as well, opinion that truly need to be shared on such topics as birka's in France and 18th century literary restoration and my independent study and.. and.. just stuff. However, that requires time and hopefully I'll be able to make some soon to talk about something else besides how much time I don't have.

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