Sunday, November 21, 2010

Cinnamon Raisin Egg Nog French Toast ..

or better yet, the most amazing FT ever. No, really. It is. Everyone I ever made it for has totally agreed to that too. And some of them weren't even related. I made this after having it at my favorite little breakfast place.

If you're not a big Egg Nog (EN) fan, you'll still love it. I promise. It doesn't really carry the flavor of EN, I think the EN just serves to make it richer. Either way it really is amazing, and easy, and simple!

The Players:

And you must use this bread.

Alright, so melt some butter in a pan.

And while the butter it melting, crack open your eggs into a large bowl. First, yes, you need to use eggs. Just because you're using EN in place of milk doesn't mean you can skip the eggs. I tried this. Learn from my mistakes. Second, make sure your bowl is wide enough for your bread. I use two eggs usually, but it's flexible. Sometimes I've had just one egg and it came out just as good. Unless you're making it for a lot of people.. then you need more than one egg. 

And pour in your EN. This is flexible too. I don't have a set amount, just whatever looks good.


Soak your bread. Make sure both sides are covered in this yummy mixture. 

As soon as your pan is hot enough, put in your french toast. I usually cook mine on a higher low flame, but cook yours however you like, just make sure it's cooked all the way because of the eggs. I guess undercooked eggs can make you sick.. or something? I kid. 

Make sure you pour yourself a glass of EN to drink while you wait. Rum is optional, but encouraged. Mine right here is virgin. 

I like mine on the brown, well done side. This is also my favorite pan because it's 100% all purpose. See how deep it is? It works for everything. 

When it's done, top is with butter and syrup and enjoy. 

And then be prepared to be addicted. Because I assure you, it will happen. 

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