Saturday, November 27, 2010

My thoughts on...

I decided to start a new section entitles.. "My thoughts on..."

This is meant to be a review section of various different new things that I try and like.. or don't like and want to save you the time and effort of trying them yourself only to find out they suck.

At first I thought this might just be beauty things.. facial cleansers, new make up, etc., but then I realized that I could really review a lot of different things because I'm trying new things all the time- whether it be wine, or food, or beer, or household cleaners, or candles.. and well, you get the idea.

All of these reviews will be unpaid, unless some one, some where decides they want to compensate me for it, which I doubt, but in case, would be open to, as long as they don't mind me saying I don't like it, if in fact I don't. Honesty is the best policy.

So anyway, my first review will be on Sake (the Japanese wine) as a facial cleanser/toner. That should be up tomorrow.

And if there's anything you think I should review, let me know and I'll think about it!

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