Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Anxiety Triggers

You probably would never guess, but I'm not really a people person. I mean, I can be, but I prefer not to be. I'm a self-proclaimed loner. I'm not really good at making new friends, which is why I prefer to hold tight to the ones I do have. I'm quite introverted and need plenty of time alone to decompress from anything and everything. I've not good at parties with tons of people I don't know and when it does come to large groups of people I tend to anxious and make a face much like this..

So needless to say, I hate the mall.

No, really, I do. Even when it's not a holiday, there's just so many people everywhere. And the slow people always cut you off and then drag along and then randomly. Stop. Throwing you completely off guard and causing your stress level to sky rocket. Sometimes you try to move around them, but it's always difficult because you have other random people coming at you. There just seem to be no rules, it's like a free for all.

Or is that just me?

I'm pretty sure I'm not alone here though. If all the people there weren't bad enough, then you have to deal with the people at the stands in the mall who try to stop you so they can put weird stuff on your nails, or sell you a new cell phone when your's already works just fine, or they want to curl your hair with some straightener that they claim is a miracle. Well, quite frankly, it's not because the only thing coming from their stand is not a miracle, but rather the smell of burnt hair and those people letting them touch their hair are just crazy. You're not touching my hair, oh, no, you're not.

Now I understand why people go postal and why I need to get all my shopping done in February next year.


Justin said...

Dude! Liz! I'm just about to write about the panic attack I was about to have because my mother wanted lip gloss in her stocking stuffer. I went to the small colony of makeup products and I completely panicked because I realized at that time that I don't know a darn thing about makeup. Disaster. Thank you for sharing in my anxiety.

-Lizmaster B said...

I'm not really a fan of shopping. I mean, it's.. okay, if you could take away all the people. Never mind making it into a season of shopping, please kill me now. I'm totally getting all my shopping done the next time we have a Noreastr' here.

And I love lip gloss. I'm a Maybelline lip gloss kind of girl myself. I don't know if that helps.

Justin said...

But then there's the shade of lip gloss I found out, and then some of it sparkles...ughhhh. I bought some nice lip balm and some bath and body stuff.