Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Dressing Up

One of my favorite things to do is dress up. To do my hair, my make up, and put on something fancy. And then to top it off with amazing shoes. It's always the shoes that make it.. but that's really a topic for a different day.

A couple weeks ago I was listening to NPR and Lesley M. M. Blum was on talking about her book, "Let's Bring Back." I don't plan on buying it since she really only said one thing I found interesting, and that was the idea of dressing up. And as a person who loves dressing up, I couldn't agree more. Her reasoning behind this was that when you dress up you're paying honor to the occasion. And I couldn't agree more. Look at weddings after all.

So that's why at Caitlin's birthday party I put on one of my nicest dresses.

Of course, all you can see in this picture is boobs, but trust me, some where in there is a fancy cocktail dress.

And just this past weekend at our group's annual holiday party I did the same.

And of course some fancy shoes. 

In remembering this, I made sure that when I went to church today, I cleaned myself up as well. I mean, I usually do, but occasionally I'm guilty of wearing flip-flops. But not anymore, in honoring the occasion, I will sport something a little more classy. 

And as I thought about it today while I was driving in the car, I can definitely see a connection between the times I remember as good and the times I paid honor to everyday by looking fly. Everyday is a day that deserves to be honored in my opinion (hello.. we didn't have to wake up if you know what I mean!) and I think it's important that we appreciate what we're given by paying attention to it. By not going through everyday sloppy. 

I guess it kind of goes along with the idea of living everyday to the fullest really, and in order to do that, I think we all really need to pay homage to each day and stop being so sloppy and start dressing ourselves up a little bit. 

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