Thursday, December 23, 2010

Apple's (as if there was any doubt) success!

I love Apple. No, like really love. And it's not just because they're products are sophisticated, sleek and stylish. It's also because they're quality products and I know when something goes wrong, which is hardly ever, I can count on Apple to fix it. They stand behind their products and I never have to think twice about the money I spend when buying a new laptop.

Here's my most recent story which happened last night, but by the time this posts it will have about 3-4 days ago (yes, I'm that ahead on publishing posts). Last night my battery charger for my MacBook stopped working. It worked and then it didn't. The light on it stopped going on. I was able to wiggle it and get it to work for the rest of the night, but this morning it was back to being dead. My MacBook is only about 6 months old, definitely still under warranty, so I made a Genius Bar appt. for this afternoon to take it down there.  


My appointment was for 3:30, but me not even making the connection that it's the Christmas shopping season AND I needed gas, didn't end up getting there till about 3:45-3:50. No problem though because a very nice associate quickly made me a new appointment for 4:00.  

4:00 came and my name was called immediately. I didn't have to wait until 4:05 or even 4:01. I sat at the bar explained what happened, they tried a couple things then promptly went out back, got me a new charger and I was on my way and back in my car by 4:15. 

Now that is service. 

And this is why I don't mind paying extra for a top quality laptop. This was the first time in my life of owning iBooks and MacBooks and iPods and iShuffles that I've ever had to stop at the Genius Bar for them to look at something. My computer never crashes and never gets viruses. My iPods always play and my iShuffles always shuffle. And when I did finally need help with something, they didn't ask me a bunch of silly questions, they just gave me what I need and sent me on my way. I love that. 


G said...

awesome, i am convinced. your blog is powerful and influencing me to make purchasing decisions!

-Lizmaster B said...

Hey! I'm glad! If I can deter someone from wasting their money- I'm all about it.. and even more all about it if I can't point them in the right, non-sponsored, direction!