Thursday, December 23, 2010

Can't sleep. Again.

So, I thought I'd share this with you while I'm waiting for sleep to visit. It's something that's moved me since the first time I read it and I hope it moves you too.

"Do you know what every single scandal has in common? People involved never woke up on a Thursday morning and said, “I think I’ll wreck my life today!” Sin is a death of a thousand cuts, a slow walk of a million little steps. Let’s save the energy we usually end up using to judge those who have fallen and instead invest it in moments like this to work on our own lives and walks of faith." -Jon Acuff

Every time I read it, it never fails to evoke such empathy in me. I think of all my own mistakes and screw ups, and maybe someday if you're lucky I'll share one, or maybe two of them with you. But, I think of these things I did and I can't help but look inward and ask myself how dare I even have a passing thought on some one else's life.

I was watching "The Good Wife" last night on TV and the main character is in the process of making a mistake and she repeats to herself over and over and she's about to do it, "this is a bad idea.. this is a bad idea.. this is a bad idea," but she carries on anyway. How many time do we do that ourselves?

If you're anything like me, it's a lot.


Justin said...

I absolutely agree. I've been a bit more successful as of late in the talking myself out of stupid things racket. However, reminders like this are always good to have. Thanks Liz. :)

-Lizmaster B said...


Anytime. Thanks for being such a diligent reader.