Monday, December 6, 2010

My thoughts on.... e.l.f. eyeshadow palette

Over the past month of so I've fallen back in love with make-up. It's a love affair that died about 11 years ago, but has recently been rekindled. I love just playing. Mostly though it revolves around my eyes. There isn't too much I can do with my lips as they are either nude or pinkish- I'm not a fan of purple, blue, or even red lipsticks on myself. I do wear blush, but not too often, as I think with my eyeshadows it tends to be over the top and I come out looking like a clown.

Eyeshadows can be really expensive though. Especially when you're trying to find the perfect color, and the perfect color is really important to me. My make-up budget is pretty limited, so you won't find me on the Sephora website anytime soon; although I wish I had a couple hundred to just blow because I'm certain I could spend hours upon hours, from open till close in one of their stores. But mostly my make-up comes from the drugstore, up until recently, from Target (Post idea! I'll explain there), and other like stores. I'm not really a big Cover Girl fan, I'm not sure what it is, but their products just don't seem to apply to me. I love Maybelline (the only mascara I use), Loreal, and Revlon.

Anyway though, while at Target a couple weeks ago, I finally picked up the e.l.f. (eyes, lips, face) 100 color eyeshadow palette for only $10.00.

I debated it for a couple weeks. It's price was what really deterred me from it. There was no way that all those eyeshadows for only 10 bucks could be of good quality and it would surely be a waste of $10.00. But wasn't that what I was doing already buying other shadows that weren't the color I'd hoped they'd be? Surely I could chalk up $10.00 and if it sucks, it sucks, but if it doesn't suck, then I've saved myself a lot of moolah!

So, finally after a couple weeks of looking and looking I finally picked it up. And you know what? I. Love. It. Best 10 bucks I've spent in forever. These colors are highly pigmented and go on so silky smooth. They do tend to crease after 8-10 hours of wear, but so doesn't every other shadow I wear, so no biggie. But I do totally love them and it's definitely something worth picking up if you love eye shadows too. 

Here's a couple pictures I took from my camera phone, hence they're not the best quality, but you definitely get an idea of how pigmented they are. 

This is my clouds, sky and grass look by the way.

In summary, definitely by this if you love eyeshadows- either for yourself or someone else you know. They will love this Christmas gift! Or add it to your own Christmas list, I don't think you'll be disappointed!

(This review is not endorsed and I didn't receive any moolah. They are more than welcome though to send me free things to write about if they'd like though, hint, hint!)

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