Sunday, December 26, 2010

Stilettos Aren't For Everyone.

I was in the mall this past weekend (not by choice, trust me) and while I was there I ended up behind a woman who was attempting to wear some stilettos. She was failing miserably though. The heel itself was definitely one of the skinniest I've seen while the height really wasn't that bad, probably only 3", which I believe isn't enough to even consider it a stiletto, but for arguments sake, we'll just say it was.

Here's the thing though, if you can't walk in them... don't wear them. Heck, don't even both buying them. I searched trying to find a pair to show you, but they're definitely a few seasons past (which there's nothing wrong with) because I couldn't find one.

Every time this girl took a step her foot and ankle would roll outward and she would wobble on her little bitty heel. If you're going to buy shoes like that, you need to own them when you walk in them and if you can't own them, then don't buy them.

It's just not pretty. At all. Trust me on this. Just because a shoe looks good on the rack, then looks pretty good on your foot, if you can't walk in it and rock it when you do, it's ugly. Just trust me on this.

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G said...

i loooove stilletos! however, it DOES look a little pathetic when someone can't walk in them but insists on wearing them anyway. just gotta wait for them to hit the pavement..