Tuesday, December 14, 2010

My favorite place..

One of my favorite places in the whole house, besides my bed and the kitchen, is the shower.

If we had enough hot water to last, I could spend hours in the shower, just sitting on the bottom with the hot water rushing over me. As it is, we have enough to last about an hour, and I have no problem spending all that time using it up. 

You see, I have a mind that never shuts up. Never. It's always going, churning, thinking, over-analyzing, preparing, planning, organizing, understanding, solving, over-analyzing; and one of the few ways I've found that I can get it to quiet down is just by sitting in the bottom of then running shower. 

And it's really weird, because I can honestly feel a difference in the noise when I go from standing to sitting or sitting to standing. And the change in noise has nothing to do with the noise of the water rushing through the shower head or hitting the the tub, walls and shower curtain. The noise comes solely from my mind. Is that weird? Re-reading that I sound a little crazy. 

Truth be told, I kind of am. 

You're probably wondering why I don't just take a bath, but the truth is, that doesn't work. My head is still just as noisy in a bath as it is all the time, so I reserve those only when I feel like surrounding myself with bubbles or a body part needs a hot soak. 

Needless to say though, it's this shift in internal noise that has made the shower one of my favorite places. Because my mind is finally able to calm down a little, I in return can calm down a little. I'm able to unwind, to relax, to mellow for a bit. Sometimes I'll bring in a CD to listen to, but usually I don't. My head makes enough noise and I like to be able to enjoy the quiet when I can. It's not a big fancy thing, no candles or anything. Just the silence. 

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