Sunday, December 12, 2010


So, here's the thing.

I have a lot of things running through my head lately- especially the past couple days, and there are things that I've started writing that I have saved and that need to be finished. Which is awesome, because there's nothing worse than having writer's block.

But all of these things are highly personal. Then again though, there's nothing on here that I write and post that isn't highly personal. However, some of the things turning and churning in my head have to do with situations involving others and my feelings and opinions on these situations; and there's something about this that gives me this gut feeling that I might end up saying something that ends up hurting them and so I feel it's time to write a disclaimer and some ground rules for when that moment happens. I hope that they're able to step back and see it from my point of view. Time will tell. But, here we go.


First, I give you the right to tell me not to post your picture. This doesn't mean I won't write about you, it just means that I'll give you a fake name like Candy and have to draw a picture of you instead. You pick which is worse. And just so we're clear on my artistic level, I've included a picture of an elephant I created just for this. 

Second, if it's something that could possibly seen be seen in a negative light, I promise to not include your name. That doesn't mean my best friend won't know who you are, but the random people in Singapore, Russia and Belgium won't know who you are.

Third, this is the story of my life. I'm The California Transplant, not you. So, I promise to not tell the story of your life as it's not for me to tell, BUT this does not mean that when your life comes slamming into my life and creates something that I need to write about, that I won't write about it. This just means that I won't tell the world any of your personal details that don't directly deal with me. I think that's fair.

Fourth, I will always be true to myself here. More than anything, CT is for me. So I will always be honest in all of my opinions and feelings that I express here- regardless of who or what is involved. This is the part I see causing problems, sometimes my thoughts and feelings are a little harsh.


Fifth, the chances of me pissing you off based on the third are pretty good. Actually, there just pretty good in general. This will be harder for you than it is for me. See, I piss people off a lot. I'm am inappropriate pretty much 100% of the time, so I'm kind of used to it. But, you might not be. So, consider this my apology in advanced.

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