Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Oooh, the weather outside is...

Winter weather is absolutely frightful. Well usually anyway, the other day is pretty mild- but today's forecast calls for a little snow. And I would love to continue the song above by singing, "But the fire is so delightful," but we don't have a fireplace here, so I can't. And the line, "Let it snow, Let it snow, Let is snow?" Well, it really should just be banished on the bases of vulgarity and obscenity.

But, now that I've ripped apart one of the most loved Christmas songs, my day is complete. Have a good one!

Kidding! Honestly though, the weather in N.H. is horrible, especially for a California Transplant like myself. I can always find something bad about the weather, regardless of what season it is, but seeing as how I'm literally allergic to winter, it is by far the worst in my opinion. I extremely dislike most parts of the winter, including the snow, but I think the worst of it is the snapping wind. It looks much like this picture here, but there's not always the snow mixed in. There are days, like yesterday, where it's just the needle like wind and even though you can't see it, you sure can feel it going right through your clothes and into your bones.

(This isn't my picture by the way, and I have no idea who's it is since I couldn't find a credit listed. I'm definitely not about to take credit for it though, although, I do wish I could take pictures this lovely)

Some people don't mind the winter I guess, I personally detest it. Growing up where it's summer year round, I don't think I'll ever really adapt to winter here. I'm better at handling the cold than I first was 11 years ago and I finally don't consider 50 degrees freezing, but that's not really saying much. I still have long thermal underwear that I wear quite a bit in the colder months (usually Jan-Feb) and I just put my heated blanket on my bed the other day (I take it of around May-June).  However, there's not too much I can do to protect myself from the lapping wind when I need to go outside. 

The winter wind around here is extremely painful. The cold air coming down from Canada whips and snaps at you; it pierces through your clothes and feels much like I would imagine being slapped with a brush full of nails would feel like. It might only be 3 degrees outside, but the whirling wind makes it feel like it's 10 degrees colder than that- and that my friends, is cold. And if there's snow mixed in with it, you're now wet and have snow in places you never wanted it to be in to begin with- and that just makes the sting of the wind all that much worse. 

At least I know where all the bad New England attitudes come from though. It's hard to be cheerful when you're fighting against the winter six months out of the year. 


Anonymous said...

So i couldn't convince you to come Ice Fishing with me??! lol.. Because of the wind i always end up getting wind burn on my face, which later on in the day Definitely feels like a sunburn...Love Reading your Blogs! xoxo ~B

-Lizmaster B said...

I've just never understood ice fishing. I don't really even get fishing to start with, and then throw some freezing weather in there and I'm just at a lost for words.

Thank you so much though. This means a lot!! Love ya xoxo